Your spray paint and aerosol manufacturer & reseller in Central Europe

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Who are we ?

An aerosol products manufacturer
and reseller in central europe

TECHNIMA Central is the Central European subsidiary of the TECHNIMA Group. We provide you with a wide range of marking tools for a variety of professional uses.


Our main products are SOPPEC branded. Thus, you'll find marking spray paints, marking tools, touch-up paints, technical sprays, and many others... for the construction, forestry, event and industrial fields.


What differentiates us from the competition is the high quality of our products.

SOPPEC CONSTRUCTION marking spray paints


Marking spray paints and tools for the construction field.


SOPPEC FOREST marking spray paints


Forestry marking spray paints and tools for the wood industry.


SOPPEC EVENT marking spray paints


Temporary or "special effects" spray paints for the event industry.


SOPPEC LINE marking spray paints


Line marking spray paints and trolleys to optimize circulation.


SOPPEC COLORS touch up spray paints


Touch up paints and industrial coatings for the preparation and finishing of the surfaces.


SOPPEC PRO TECH industrial sprays


A range of technical spray gathered according to their functions: Protection, Cleaning, Lubrication.


Our advantages

High quality spray marking paints
Outstanding results

All of our products are designed to ensure that they provide the best results possible so that you can provide the best service to your clients.

Secured spray paints
Work safely

Our products are tested thoroughly to ensure that they are safe for use. Some of our most innovative measures include many different caps adapted to the use of the paint such as the safety spray cap that prevents paint drips, mist, and ensure a neat application of the paint.

paint for all surfaces
Full Coverage

No matter which surface you need to mark, our paints adapt to any kind of it. This includes gravel, wood, asphalt, concrete, grass, mineral, sand, soil...

adaptable paint marking duration
Adaptable marking durations

Our marking spray paints offer a wide choice of marking durations that adapt to your needs : they go from 2 weeks up to 4 years !

wide paint colors palette
A wide range of colors


Choose from a wide palette of fluorescent and non-fluo colors that meet the different standards in Europe.

eco friendly spray paint
A human- and eco-responsible brand

Our company tends to go into a sustainable development approach to protect the life of our users but also the environment.