Who are we ?

TECHNIMA Central provides you with a range of marking tools for a variety of professional uses. One of our main products is aerosol marking paint but we also have tools to make the process go more smoothly including protective varnish and aerosol gun handles.

We were founded in 1923, under the name Röbel & Fiedler, but changed to our current name in 2015. We supply to companies all across central Europe.

Construction Industry

The ideal choice for construction workers, gardeners and landscapers

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Wood Sector

We are the favourite choice of foresters for forestry markers, rough lumber, and finished good marking.

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Industries, Communities and Events

Marking spray paints and line markers for warehouses, factories, sports fields, events...

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Why choose TECHNIMA Central ?

There are plenty of businesses across Central Europe who trust TECHNIMA Central to supply them with quality spray paints and marking tools, but why should you?

Outstanding results

All of our products are rigorously tested to ensure that they provide the best results possible so that you can provide the best service to your clients.

All the colours of the rainbow

Actually, we’re underselling our range of colours by saying that. We have way more than just seven colours, including burgundy, pink, lime, white, black, mustard, brown, purple and navy.

Full Coverage

No matter which surface you need to mark, we’ve got specially designed paints to cover it. This includes gravel, wood, asphalt, concrete, grass, mineral, sand, and soil. If you need to paint it, we’ve got the right paint type for you.

Made to last (or made to fade)

Depending on your project, the paint will need to last for different periods of time. If you’re setting up booth lines at a festival, you may only need it for a few days but if you’re spraying a ‘No Entry’ marking on the road, you’ll probably need it to last for years. We’ve got you covered from five days to four years.

Light ‘em up

We stock a range of fluorescent marking paint which is easy to see in low light levels, like down a mine shaft or at night; handy to ensure that warning signs are not missed.

Kind to the earth

We are dedicated to protecting human health and the environment, which is why we do so much research into sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Helpful Equipment

Our accessories make your job easier, faster and better. From line markers which ensure a straighter line, to paint guns which help you to quickly stencil things like road markings, to belt holders to leave your hands free until you need the aerosol.

Colour coded

All caps are the same colour as the paint, allowing you to choose the right aerosol quickly, with no hassle.

Safety at Work

Your safety is our number one priority. So, our products are tested thoroughly to ensure that they are safe for use. Some of our most innovative measures include:
• a safety spray cap to prevent the paint spray from creating a mist which would be dangerous to breathe in (as a bonus, it also makes your lines clearer)
• unbreakable cans up to 1.50m, to prevent the chance of covering the colleague holding your ladder steady with cobalt blue paint.

Discover our products

  • Aqueous phase forestry colorant

    This aqueous phase forestry colorant is especialy conceived for Harvester marking systems.

  • Marking rod

    The new marking rod is the answer that Soppec found for the most demanding requirements of ground marking professionals.

  • Fluorescent Sylvagun paint refill

    The STRONG MARKER® refill is used exclusively with SYLVAGUN, the innovative and patented marking gun from SOPPEC. This is the STRONG MARKER® formulation packed as refills. Same properties and same uses: marking trees in the long term, plot boundaries, boundary marking, designating future trees, marking out hiking trails, etc.

  • Fluorescent spray paint

    FLASH MARKER, the most highly-fluorescent forestry marker from SOPPEC, is very easy to see from afar as it's based on waxes that make it extremely bright. This fluorescent spray paint has a multitude of uses: marking for thinning, boundaries of temporary stands, log inventories, sawing product inventories, etc.

  • Belt aerosol cases

    Different types of aerosol holders : case for one aerosol, case for two aerosols, genuine leather case.

  • Non fluorescent lumber crayons

    A wide range of crayons that mark on all surfaces: metal, dry or damp wood, cardboard, tiles, asphalt and plastic.

  • Chalk Line

    TECHNIMA CENTRAL offers a full range of chalk lines designed for the tracing of a marker lineon the ground or a wall. It suits for each use of the workers in the public work sector: Electricians, Plumbers, Joiners, Plasterers, Masons, Metal-workers, Buildings and Public Works, Floor layers, etc.

  • Aerosol line protective varnish

    PROTECT MARK protects your chalk line or aerosol markings to keep them visible and resistant much longer.

  • Sylvagun cleaner

    SYLVACLEAN has been specially developed to clean the SYLVAGUN gun after using paint refills. Regular use of SYLVACLEAN ensures long life and operation of the SYLVAGUN.

  • Long-lasting marking spray

    PROMARKER 750 ml is a long-lasting marking spray used for a wide range of identification marking purposes such as hiding other markings. It is considered as a complement to the fluorescent marking paints: pipework and construction, earthworks, electrical installations. Easy and safe to use, PROMARKER® is fitted with the patented Soppec «TP» safety spray cap.

  • Bitumen spray

    AEROBITUME is a bitumen spray usable as a bonding primer that optimizes bituminous plant mix work by preparing the surface to be treated properly and improving its adhesion capability.

  • Eco-friendly tree marking paint

    HYDRO MARK FLUO is and eco- and human-friendly forestry marker thanks to its aqueous phase formulation (with more than 25% water). It offers similar performances to FLUO MARKER®. Short-and medium-term wood marking for felling, marking for thinning, boundaries of temporary stands, wood stands during sales, log inventories, sawing product inventories, etc.

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