Manufacturer of aerosol
marking paints and European leader
in its sector

Technima formulates, manufactures and packages marking paints, touch-up paints and technical spray products with the main objective of constant innovation, performance at the right cost, and respect for people and the environment.

Technima develops the most adapted solutions
to your business

Marking, spotting and staking in the construction and building industry...

Marking during forestry operations, mobilization and transformation of wood...

Line marking and safety signage to structure, delimit and optimize the space...

Temporary marking and delineation of locations and zones during events...

For the restoration of supports, parts, equipment and utility vehicles...

Cleaning, protection and lubrication of equipment, parts, gears and machines...

We develop our products in order to meet the most specific needs of our users.

Our product ranges are dispatched according to the related universes of use...

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Manufacturer of SOPPEC products since 1962

Technima is known for its strong SOPPEC brand, the first milestone in the group history.

With more than 60 years of legacy in the marking paints sector, Technima is the undisputable European leader.

The group also leverages its know-how in touch-up paints and technical aerosol products industries.

Discover SOPPEC product lines and find the solution that suits you best.

Why choosing Technima?

As a manufacturer of SOPPEC spray products and an expert in its field, Technima strives to develop, in accordance with its customers' needs, the most innovative and safest solutions on the market while remaining up to date on current standards and regulations.

Technima is particularly committed to anticipating and complying with current regulations.


By actively listening to its customers, Technima drives its product development policy and provides its users with the most innovative and high-performance solutions on the market.


Technima was the first manufacturer in the world to equip its marking paints with patented safety caps. We formulate and package our products with a constant focus on protecting our users.

Compliance with regulations

Technima guarantees the regulatory compliance of its products in the countries where they are marketed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Technima is committed to a CSR approach based on carbon footprinting, life cycle analysis of its products and the reduction of their impact up to the waste stage.

Solutions for people and the environment

Our challenge: Objective "Zero Impact"

Concerned and aware of the issues related to the planet and the health of the users, Technima develops and formulates SOPPEC products with as few hazard pictograms as possible, while maintaining an outstanding functional quality.  

To sustain this level of quality, Technima ensures that standards are maintained and respected while selecting the best raw materials with a view to achieving "zero impact" products and services for people and the environment.

An aerosol manufacturer with multiple certifications

Triple ISO certification

Since 2004, Technima France is certified :

  • ISO 9001 for Quality
  • ISO 14001 for Environment
  • ISO 45001 for Health and Safety at Work

EcoVadis Gold Medal

Technima France was awarded the EcoVadis Gold Medal in 2022.

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