Marking paint gun handle


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The new SOPPEC plastic handle is light and designed for ground marking professionals. New design, new materials - it meets the most exacting user requirements.

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Packaging 1 per box
Product type Marking accessory
Application domain Roads, earthworks, pipes, construction...


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Usable with miscellaneous sizes of aerosol and customisable to your brand, it is also the essential tool for stencilling.


Properties of the Marking paint gun handle


  • Usable with different size of aerosols, customizable to your own brand. It is also the fundamental tool for marking with stencils.
  • Ideal for stencil marking use


How to use the erosol gun handle ?


Marking paint gun handle 1 1) Begin by preparing the aerosol for spraying: shake and open or remove cap.
Marking paint gun handle 2 2) Press on the arrow to move the slider backwards.
Marking paint gun handle 3 3) Position the bottom of the aerosol between the groove and the end stop.
Marking paint gun handle 4 4) Press on the arrow to move the slider forward and correctly place the spray nozzle in contact with the orange spray element. 
Marking paint gun handle 5 5) Press the spray trigger.
Marking paint gun handle 6 6) To remove the aerosol, press on the arrow and move the slider back.


Make your ground markings easier

The SOPPEC aerosol marking handle facilitates marking works and avoids postures that can cause MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders).

Limits musculoskeletal disorders