Technima France
Soppec spray paint manufacturer

A strong know-how since 1962

Founded in 1962 by Christian de Maillard, Technima France (formerly known as SOPPEC SAS) was initially a Charente-based company whose core business was to elaborate paints, wood maintenance products and varnishes for professional use.

On the eve of the 1990s, the company decided to focus on the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative marking systems in aerosols.

Initially created for forestry marking professionals, Technima France was carried by its patented safety spray cap : the TP cap, and the company soon became very famous and well known in the building and public works world.

After having opened a new logistics and storage site in 2009, 2010 marked a new stage for SOPPEC with a significant increase in its production capacity to support the growth of its domestic and export markets.

Since the summer of 2010, SOPPEC SAS (now called Technima France) doubled the production capacity of the Nersac site in Charente and created a new entity : the Technima Group.

Its race for innovation enabled the company to win the 2014 "Paris Aerosol & Dispensing Awards", which recognizes companies that promote technological innovations in aerosol packaging.

In 2020, Technima Group adopts a new brand identity, and Soppec SAS becomes Technima France. 

The SOPPEC product brand still remains. 

SOPPEC : A trusted brand with an undisputed reputation

Analyses, qualitative tests, multiple controls, aging tests... Every product manufactured by Technima France benefits from our total process control, from design to market launch. This traceability is what makes the spray paint manufacturer SOPPEC so trusted by professionals.


The creation of Soppec aerosols marking systems was the result of more than thirty years or research and testing. It was clearly a major innovation and most professional users agreed to say at that time it was a real improvement in their day to day use. 

Nowadays, Soppec keeps working hard to get the best possible products, carrying a daily special attention on 5 major points :

  • Durability
  • Product safety
  • Product range
  • Ease of application
  • Respect for the environment and man

Risk Management

Technima France has been committed to a global quality, security and environmentally friendly approach for more than twenty years. This includes risk control for production sites as well as product users. 

Our "SEVESO" sites were built specifically for the storage of gases and solvents used in the aerosols. Every year, the products and the sites themselves are controlled several times by French law officers (Dreal, DGCCFR, SDIS, etc...). 

Customer Satisfaction

Because we are very well aware of the importance of customer satisfaction, we keep working on improving product performances, on respecting health and safety of people, on developing new ideas and on detecting expectations and new requirement. 

At Soppec, customer satisfaction is more than a motto : It is a state of mind.

A triply certified aerosol paint manufacturer

The QSE integrated management system is based on three certifications :

  • ISO 9001 : for Quality
  • ISO 14001 : for the Environment
  • ISO 45001 : for Health and Safety

In these three complementary fields, the Technima France approach is based on analysing and preventing risks, on-going improvement of performances, compliance with regulatory requirements and customer satisfaction.

The triple certification has been renewed successfully every three years since 2004.

Technima is committed to a CSR approach

Technima is committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility approach based on the carbon footprint, on the analysis of the life cycle of our products and the reduction of their impact up to the waste stage, on the EcoVadis evaluation and proposals for improvement.

Technima France has been awarded the EcoVadis Gold Medal in 2022.

Technima France is among the 5% of companies awarded the EcoVadis Gold Medal.

Safety and Environment - Our principal priorities

For our spray paint ranges :

  • Our products are designed without CMR compounds (carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic…) to reproduction substances of class 1A, 1B & 2 above 0.1%
  • Without Hexan et Methanol, Toluen et Xylen
  • Without heavy metals such as Lead (PB), Cadmium (Cd),…
  • Without Environmental Hazard statement n° 412 : “toxic to aquatic organisms long-term damage to the ecosystem”
  • Our labels are in compliance with EU regulation n°1272/2008 and with its adaptation