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  • TRACING® line marking spray paint is used to delimit surface areas and optimise traffic by tracing lines inside or out: Logistical warehouses, sports complexes, grassed pitches, cycling tracks and car parks. This line marking paint is intended more for ground markings on surfaces with little wear. It is the best quality/cost compromise for outside marking.

  • The TRACING PLUS paint is intended more for marking lines on high-wear surfaces, for example inside factories and logistical warehouses due to its tremendous resistance to grime. This line marking spray paint is packaged in 750 ml containers for lasting, economical marking, particularly inside...

  • TRACING SPORT AND GRASS paint is a line marker specifically designed for multisport grass sports fields. TRACING® Sport is available in a 750ml (net volume) aerosol and meets the highest standards for quality marking. This grass paint is applied using a marking machine specifically designed for grass sports fields.

  • PROTECT LINE marking protective varnish is an aqueous phase varnish that lengthens the life of lines marked using paint from the TRACING and TRACING PLUS ranges by improving resistance to heavy traffic. Apply 1 or 2 coats using a roller, brush or spray. Waterproofs and protects against stains and dust. Good resistance to scuffing and scratching.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items