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  • Polyurethane dispersion based paint that creates a “cement” effect finish. Particularly useful to touch-up cement coatings or renders. Can be applied to a wide range of building surfaces: wood, cement, plastic.

  • High quality universal primers, offering rapid drying and high coverage, ideal for surface preparation (metal, wood, plastic and many others) before paint-spraying. Can be used on bare steel and lightly rusted surfaces. Also suitable for plastic and wood.

  • The Soppec Colors rust converter is a “two-in-one” product, stabilising the rust and acting as a primer. Ideal for restoring rusted areas of paintwork on machinery, vehicles or other metal equipment: fencing, chassis, etc. Thanks to its deep penetration, it forms a high quality protective film, making this an effective and long-lasting treatment.

  • Quick-drying cold-galvanising paint for minor repairs, resulting in a shiny new-metal appearance.

  • The Galva Zinc Aluminium Spray is a purpose-designed paint for cold galvanising of iron and steel surfaces, can be used to touch-up and repair damaged areas of altered zinc, for steel parts, bodywork, fencing, metal buildings and heavy industry. This primer provides a tough, corrosion- resistant and protective gloss coating to iron and steel, leaving the...

  • The Galva Zinc Matt 97% is a paint very rich in zinc to prevent corrosion affecting bare steel and galvanised metal surfaces. Forms a protective coat that can also serve as a primer for any other type of paint. Can be used on all types of pipework. Very high conductivity, can be used for spot welding.

  • A rapid-drying, cold galvanising paint that can be used to provide corrosionprotection for metals, steel and iron, for quick  maintenance during construction or industrial production.

  • An Acrylic Touch Up Paint formulated with acrylic resins for fast drying with an excellent surface finish. Can be used on a variety of surfaces, particularly metals, in diverse areas of activity such as touching-up paintwork on agricultural machinery or construction plant, fencing, industrial maintenance and paint repairs, and to identify pipework (RAL...

  • POWER CLEANER is a professional grade degreaser spray with high dilution capacity. It can be used for the maintenance of machine parts, brake shoes and linings, chains and gears, etc and can also be used to clean compressors and industrial installations. Leaves no residue and is neither a conductor nor corrosive.

  • Container for DITYSPRAY

    The DITYBOX is a box / container for the DITYSPRAY system. It is highly secure and totally hermetic once charged with air. It offers a very high resistance to shocks or high pressures and guarantees daily use (reusable up to 5000 times). Its air supply valve located under the housing can be connected to any type of air network.

  • Portable compressor for DITYSPRAY

    An additional device in the form of a compact, easy-to-carry case offering the option of mobile use. It consists of a compressor for autonomous compressed air access, a DITYBOX and has a capacity of up to four DITYBAGs ! Fully charged, its battery will allow you to recharge your DITYBOX fully up to 27 times.


    GREEN TECH Bio-based Penetrating and Lubricating Oil from the SOPPEC PRO TECH range is a high-performance product in DITYBAG packaging and can only be used with DITYBOX. It offers a penetrating and solubilizing power of dirt, a very good separation of water and a good anti-corrosion protection. It also offers good temperature resistance and leaves a...

Showing 37 - 48 of 51 items