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Who is Technima ?


Technima is the European market leader in marking paints, as well as a major manufacturer of decorative paints and technical aerosol products. Proud of its history, the Technima group is known through its brand and historical entity SOPPEC, created in 1962.

Today, Technima is an essential player in the world of aerosols on several professional and consumer markets.


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Technima markets

The markets of the Technima group


Technima products are present in several professional markets such as :

  • Construction
  • Forestry sector
  • Signage
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Events


The group also aims to become a significant player in consumer markets such as :



The Technima group network


The Technima group has several entities, 7 in Europe and 1 in North America



  • Technima Benelux : Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders).
  • Technima Central : Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Technima France : Western Europe.
  • Technima Italia : Mediterranean area.
  • Technima Nordic : Northern Europe.
    Oléron STP : Manufacturer of paints in Marennes in Charente Maritime, France.



  • Soppec-Inc : Canada and the United States


This geographical distribution allows us to offer our customers short delivery times at very attractive prices.


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The Technima group network


Technima in a few key figures

Technima production lines

9 production lines

aerosols Technima

Production capacity of 65 million
aerosols / year

volume of technima aerosols

Several packaging sizes from 150 to 750 mL

Technima logistic platforms

6 logistics platforms worldwide

Technima workforce

220 employees

Technima research and development

18 people in R & D


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