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  • Graphite lumber crayons

    A wide range of crayons that mark on all surfaces: metal, dry or damp wood, cardboard, tiles, asphalt and plastic.

  • Environmentally friendly marking paint

    HYDRO TP performs in similar fashion to FLUO TP® but is much more respectful of the man and the environment as formulated with more than 25% of water in the fluorescent formulations. It is used for miscellaneous marking works on the ground in the following fields: highways, earthworks, piping, constructions, buried networks.

  • Highly fluorescent tree marking paint

    FLASH MARKER, the most highly-fluorescent forestry marker from SOPPEC, is very easy to see from afar as it's based on waxes that make it extremely bright. It has a multitude of uses: marking for thinning, boundaries of temporary stands, log inventories, sawing product inventories, etc.

  • Good quality / price aerosol line marker

    TRACING® is used to delimit surface areas and optimise traffic by tracing lines inside or out: Logistical warehouses, sports complexes, grassed pitches, cycling tracks and car parks. TRACING® is intended more for ground markings on surfaces with little wear. It is the best quality/cost compromise for outside marking.

  • Multisport grass fields line marking paint

    TRACING® SPORT is an aerosol line marker especially designed for line marking on multisport grass sports fields. This line marker meets the highest standards for quality marking. It is very resistant, and doesn't burn the grass where it is applied. It is used with a marking machine, the TRACING® SPORT TROLLEY, designed for grass sports fields and other...

  • Forestry marking gun

    SYLVAGUN is the first professional marking gun for foresters. A true (patented) innovation : Lightweight, ergonomic, resistant... SOPPEC has designed the SYLVAGUN to make marking operations more comfortable and less restrictive.

  • Long lasting non-fluorescent marking paint

    PROMARKER® is a non-fluorescent worksite marker used for a wide range of identification marking purposes such as hiding other markings. It is considered as a complement to the fluorescent marking paints: pipework and construction, earthworks, electrical installations. Easy and safe to use, PROMARKER® is fitted with the patented Soppec «TP» safety spray cap.

  • Crayons holder / Chalks holder

    A crayon holder designed to protect your different crayons

  • Touch-up paint

    TECHNI PRATIC is a thermoplastic laqcquer / RAL paint in spray that gives high quality finish and excellent features thanks to its formulation with high quality pigments and fast-drying acrylic resins. A great solution for metallic surfaces in various activities: Industry, agricultural and construction machinery, fencing, plumbing...

  • Marking rod

    The new marking rod is the answer that Soppec found for the most demanding requirements of ground marking professionals.

  • Chalk Line

    TECHNIMA CENTRAL offers a full range of chalk lines designed for the tracing of a marker lineon the ground or a wall. It suits for each use of the workers in the public work sector: Electricians, Plumbers, Joiners, Plasterers, Masons, Metal-workers, Buildings and Public Works, Floor layers, etc.

  • Aerosol gun handle

    The new SOPPEC plastic handle designed for ground marking professionals. New design, new materials - it is is light and meets the most exacting user requirements.

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