technima central since 1964



"The switch from tradition to innovation"


Before July 2015, Technima Central was called Röbel & Fiedler which is an enterprise with tradition. Founded in the year 1923 in Leipzig, the company was concerned with the production of cosmetic products and chemical products for the graphic industry. In the year 1953 the chemist at that time, Mr. Erich Winefeld, transferred the enterprise and settled it in Ettenheim in the South West of Germany. After few years further enterprises were brought form R+F e.g. Forst Chemie GmbH –better known under FCH in the year 1964 and the manufacture assortment of the Mihowa GmbH.


A wide range of type of products


While FCH at that time produced forest repellentsforest marking colours and construction marking coloursR+F was concerned traditionally with the production of chemical-technical products. In recent decades, these products were produced as printing aids in the graphics industry. The products mentioned ranged from cleaning agents and solvents to fountain water additives to auxiliary materials for further processing in the printing industry to reproduction aids. The production also comprised technical sprays for use in the printing industry, which used to be distributed exclusively as printing aids. For instance, the products made by R+F included Silicon LubricantsChain-SpraysPTFE-SpraysRust-Remover etc.

These products were supplied to end-users as well as to machine manufacturers.




2010, a year of big changes 


TECHNIMA Central has been a member of the french Technima Group since February 2010, the focus has changed to construction, forest, line marking colours as well as accessories for marking.