S Mark Non-Fluorescent Construction Site Marker


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S MARK NON FLUO is used in addition to the S MARK FLUO luminous spray especially for markings that don’t require a durability longer than six months. It is also suitable for covering markings (black color). It is easy and safe to use and has the patented protective cap "TP".

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Data sheet

Packaging 12 per box
Volume 500 ml
Marking time 6 months
Product type Marking paint, Non fluorescent paint
Application domain Mapping, tracking, picketing, Roads, earthworks, pipes, construction...
Application surface Bitumens, Concrete, Gravels, Grass, Minerals, Plaster, plastic, Sands, synthetic, metal, Woods, ...


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Easy and safe to use and has the patented "TP" protective cap from Soppec.




  • Can be used on various substrates, including damp: concrete, sand, gravel, bituminous mix, wood, grass
  • Very resistant protective cap (no breakage of a full spray can up to 1.5 m height)
  • quick drying paint: approx. 10 min.
  • Resistance of the marking of approx. 6 months depending on the application conditions and substrates
  • Processing temperature: -15 ° C to 40 ° C (works down to -15 ° C).
  • Palette with 6 colors in addition to the luminous colors of the S MARK FLUO





Binder: thermoplastic acrylic

Pigments: mineral and organic, free of lead and cadmium

Solvent: mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons and esters (no chlorinated solvents or aromatic compounds)

Propellant gas: special mixture of isobutane and propane


Application method

Manually or with our marking accessories

Before use: Shake the spray head downwards.

After use: vent with the spray head upwards by spraying.


Hygiene and safety

The safety data sheets can be viewed free of charge on the Internet at www.quick-fds.com.

The patented TP safety hood prevents leakage and paint mist during use.

CLP labeling with a single pictogram.

picto inflammable