Fluorescent Sylvagun paint refill

New product

The HYDRO MARK refill is used exclusively with SYLVAGUN, the innovative and patented marking gun from SOPPEC. This is the HYDRO MARK formulation packed as refills. Same properties and same uses: marking trees in the long term, plot boundaries, boundary marking, designating future trees, etc.

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Data sheet

Application domain Forest marking
Product type Aqueous phase aerosol, Non fluorescent aerosol
Marking time 1 to 2 years
Application surface Woods
Volume 500 ml
Packaging Box of 12 cans

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• Marking lasting twelve to 24 months (Depending on application conditions and types of surface)

• More environmentally-friendly through its aqueous phase formulation

• Usage temperatures: 5°C to 50°C

• Recommended hygrometry rate < 85%; the paint remains sensitive to water (rain) when not completely dry

• Can be used on all wood species, young or old, living or cut, with smooth, rough or cleft bark

• Odor free

• Drying time (one to two hours depending on the state of the surface)

Aerosol cans, volume 650 ml / 500 ml net, in boxes of 12.