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Long-lasting marking spray

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PROMARKER 750 ml is a long-lasting marking spray used for a wide range of identification marking purposes such as hiding other markings. It is considered as a complement to the fluorescent marking paints: pipework and construction, earthworks, electrical installations. Easy and safe to use, PROMARKER® is fitted with the patented Soppec «TP» safety spray cap.

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Application domain Marking and identification, Road marking, Worksite security
Product type Non fluorescent aerosol
Marking time 12 months
Application surface Concrete, Bitumens, Woods, Gravels, Grass, Minerals, Sands, Ground
Volume 750 ml
Packaging Box of 6 cans

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Usable on a very wide range of surfaces such as: concrete, asphalt, grass, gravel, sand, stone, wood.

• A particularly robust safety cap (no breakage if a full aerosol is dropped from a height of 1.50m)

• Rapid drying: approximately 10 min

• Excellent coverage power

• Marking period: nine to twelve months (depending on the surfaces and application conditions) and great resistance to bad weather and UV

• Usage temperatures: -20°C to 50°C

• Wide range of colours in 500 ml and 750 ml sizes

Aerosol cans, gross volume 650 ml, net volume 500 ml, in boxes of 12.